While writing this article, i will assume that you already know thing or two about what golf clubs are, different types of golf clubs and other basic details. If you don’t, here’s the quick summary :Golfing

Golf clubs usually come in 4 kinds – irons, putters, woods and wedges. All four of them have specific use on golf course and you need to know how to use them, but that’s not what this golf tutorial will be about. I want to talk about golf components that all of these clubs have and issues that golf clubs have.

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On the top of the club, there is a grip. Which is normally used for increasing the feel and helping you hold the golf club in the best way possible. Golf grips come in different sizes, but in my opinion, size does not really make a difference, as long as you use golf club grip correctly. Grip can also be replaced easily. There are lots of grips on sale, which can be easily replaced in place of current grip your golf club has. A lot of golfers do it, especially beginners, but i don’t see any point in doing that, so i recommend you don’t do it either. Well, it’s worth considering if you extremely dislike color or design of your current grip and want to replace it solely for that reason. Again, i don’t usually really care about golf club designs, but some people do and if you are one of them, replacing golf grip might bring new stylish look to your golf club set.

Then there is shaft, which, simply to explain, is the stick part of the golf club. It is very crucial component of a club and should be taken very seriously. There is a lot of discussion on golf forums and communities about golf shaft materials – which are graphite and steel. Some people prefer one for its light weight (graphite) while others think steel is better. Golf club shaft can also be more or less flexible, and it’s totally up to your golfing standards to choose. I personally use golf clubs with flexible shafts, but since i don’t really know your specifications, i’ll avoid suggesting one or another.

Another unimportant golf club component is hosel, which basically connects golf club head to the shaft. That is all it does, which i think you’ll agree not that important, so let’s skip to more exciting part of golf club.

The most important golf component, on the bottom of every golf club is a club head. Good club head can make so much difference and pretty much decide how well golf club does its job. Beginner golfers usually don’t realize this but club heads are the first thing they need to be worried about.

Club heads with large sweet spots are usually better, although somewhat expensive. But there are definitely ways to find affordable solutions for this problem. Some people prefer to buy used golf clubs and are happy with their purchases, others usually save up for new one because they don’t want to miss out on anything.

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