Golf is usually labeled as leisure sport, and activity that doesn’t really require much physical conditioning. Some people even say that golfers are not legit athletes like, for example chess players. While some parts of it is true – golf is not as extreme of a sport like, for example football or baseball, it is still very intense and can be exhausting to play. There are some machinery for lazy people, like golf cart bags, which people to use to move around the course instead of exercising by walking. And surprisingly for some people, swinging a golf club is more tiring than you might imagine. Especially if you are training and have to do it over and over.

Cardio Exercise

As mentioned above, one of the most intense ways to exercise on golf course is by walking. You might be surprised how long average golfers have to walk every day to finish the round. Distance is usually much longer than most people cover on gym cardio machines. Walking has a flaw though,  it takes a long time to walk on golf course, therefore if you are in hurry, golf workouts are not really fit for you. But again, most people play golf for leisure instead of thinking of it like a workout, so it is still great cardio exercise.  Instead, they should be trying to buy best spikeless golf shoes for walking so they can live healthy and redeeming lifestyle.

Some golfers are too lazy to walk that much and use golf cart instead, which i think is very bad for their health. Humans are meant to move around and be active, not sit in the same place and drive battery powered golf cart. These kinds of people also tend to worry too much about what kind of golf gear they have, and whether it is the best or not.

Except for cardio, golf swing can also be helpful to get someone in shape by putting pressure on their upper body and arms. A lot of golfers don’t have bodybuilder-like looks, but you can be assured that their body, chest and arms are always in shape. But you need someone experienced, like senior golfer to help you perfectly position your body.walking on golf course

Now, except for physical fitness, golf can also help your mental stability and health. It’s not by accident that some studies found out that golfers are more calm and most successful people, compared to those who have never played golf. Plus, golf is not as competitive as the other sports, so learning it does not take years of practice, which definitely takes pressure off you. Some competitive sports might make you worried you’re not good enough, which i think is not an issue for golfers.

Golf is also good for busy people to mix work and leisure and do both at the same time. I know for a fact that lots of business deals worth millions are made while playing golf. And instead of sitting by your desk all day, you get to go out and succeed while having fun with your friends.  Going out can also make you calmer and less anxious person, which always leads to happiness. Golf also boosts traits like self confidence and believing in yourself. These are all benefits of playing golf, and perfectly explain why golfers usually live more than eighty years.

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